Why should policyholders be forced to support political views with their premiums for health insurance when it conflicts with religion and conscience? It is deeply concerning to us when it is our clients only means of financial protection, that health some health insurance carriers would impose their political views about sex and marriage without my clients consent to participate.

The US Constitution and state laws provide for religious freedom and free exercise of our faith and in most cases conscience. However, today, various interpretations of sex are being imposed on the Federal Civil Rights Law and the Equal Opportunity Law. We know that Supreme Court does not have the authority to punish conscience or religion. Congress did not redefine sex. HHS or federal agencies do not have authority to rewrite the law. My company filed complaints against insurance carriers that removed religion and included S.O. in their revision of the Federal Civil Rights Law. We know that S.O. and G.I. are not required by federal law or our state employment discrimination laws. According to EEOC they do not require any redefinitions under the Equal Opportunity Law. Kentucky’s employment non-discrimination law does not include S.O. or G.I. Kentucky and Indiana DOI do not require a redefinition of marriage to provide household discounts for health insurance. We agree and support sexual harassment laws and such offenders should be reported.

Some insurance carriers are requiring that these political views of sex and marriage on or with our health insurance applications or on their websites. We do not support any requirement among insurance carriers and those employed by insurance carriers to agree or make attestation to such redefinitions in order to obtain or purchase health insurance coverage or employed by or supply goods to any business in the United States would be unconstitutional.

You may contact your state representative and congressman regarding discrimination against marriage:

“Congress nor any state law shall prohibit the free exercise of religion by redefining legal marriage between one man and one woman. Marriage must be honored by all in authority and no state or federal law can punish conscience or free exercise of faith.”