Original Medicare

  • Includes Medicare Part A (hospital, Hospice, skilled nursing) and Part B (doctor, services, and supplies)
  • You can buy supplemental coverage to protect and provide for out-of-pocket costs under original Medicare (deductible, co-payments, 20% coinsurance)
  • You can use any doctor or hospital anywhere in the US that accepts Medicare
  • You can buy Part D prescription drug coverage to cover most of your prescriptions

Buy Supplemental Coverage

  • Provides coverage for deductible, copays and coinsurance for Medicare eligible expenses
  • Plan F has no deductible, copays or coinsurance and is available to those who turned 65 before January 1, 2020.
  • Plan G has only a Part B deductible of $233 for the year
  • Plan N has only a Part B deductible of $233, copayment of $20 to see any doctor, copayment of $50 for emergency room (waived if hospitalized) and does not cover excess charges (excess charges apply if doctor is not assigned to Medicare).
  • Most plans do not have network doctor or hospital restrictions
  • Prescription drugs under Part D are not included


Buy Part D (drug Plans)

Buy Dental, Vision, Hearings



Buy Medicare Advantage (known as Part C)

  • Alternative to Original Medicare with lower premiums
  • Most plans have deductibles, copayments, and cost sharing for each service with maximum out-of-pocket limits (MOOP)
  • HMOs MOOP is $7,550 with in network
  • PPOs MOOP in network $7,550 and out of network is $11,300
  • Some areas have Special Needs Plans (D-SNP, C-SNP, I-SNP)
  • In most cases, you will need to use doctors who are in the plan’s network
  • Most plans include Part D (drug plans)
  • Most plans offer extra benefits (dental, vision, hearing, etc.)


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